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We are an inclusive community, striving to break down barriers between people and serving all those who seek spiritual sustenance and clarity. Those who desire a satisfying sense of spiritual community

Come join us for service at 10:30 Sunday morning!


The service includes words of inspiration offered by our reader of the day, meditations and prayers offered by our practitioners, uplifting music and always an empowering, lighthearted, provocative message provided by our Minister.

You’ll see people dressed in all styles—from jeans and a T-shirt to suits and dresses.  We encourage you to wear what feels comfortable to you!

We usually begin our gathering with the lighting of our Global Pathways To Spirit candles in recognition and in honor of various religions and teachings.


We understand and respect there are many means by which one discovers a connection to Spirit.

We then enjoy music and an affirmative prayer. More music follows, a reading will be shared, more music is enjoyed, and then an inspirational message is delivered.

There maybe a few announcements made and then we stand and read our covenant.


Afterwards we’ll pass an offering basket; you can give money or a blessing as you choose. To give a blessing, open your hand over the basket in a giving motion. No words are necessary.

We sing a closing song followed by a closing prayer.

That's pretty much the experience you'll have.

We are confident you will return home feeling satisfied for having spent time with us.

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