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Rev Lee Blaisdell, RScP

Barbara Harrid, RScP

Barbara Harrid has been a licensed Center for Spiritual Living Practitioner since 2015.  She has studied and practice metaphysical modalities for nearly 25 years.  According to Barbara, "Prayer is the greatest power and tool at our disposal and I encourage all of my clients to embrace and utilize affirmative prayer to achieve a more fulfilling life."

Jackie Jones, RScP

Jackie Jones is a licensed practitioner, life coach and writer who believes we are all perfect spiritual beings who can creatively manifest the purposeful lives we desire.

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The word Practitioner may be new to you, and it simply means that these designated people have clearly demonstrated the understanding and utilization of the Science of Mind principles, particularly in the area of affirmative prayer.

A Practitioner works to assist you in your attempt to solve problems big or small and to support you in experiencing greater good in your life by utilizing the power of affirmative prayer.

Having participated in extensive training to develop themselves into being Consciousness On Demand, practitioners are licensed and skilled in using Science of Mind principles and especially Affirmative Prayer. This requires a minimum of three years of class work and practice and passing a written and an oral paneled exam before licensed ministers and Practitioners.

They are available Sunday mornings following service—free of charge—to assist you with your prayer needs or at other times by appointment on a fee basis. Feel free to contact any of our Practitioners for more information.

All of our practitioners may be contacted by emailing

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