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"...the greatest adventure in life would be an experiment with ourselves to see what we could do with this thing that is within us."

Ernest Holmes

Reverend Lee's Retirement Announcement

During a very recent moment of complete and absolute clarity, I am aware it is time I officially retire from my position as Senior Minister with the Center for Spiritual Living Laurel.

As many of you are aware, I have contemplated this decision and have wrestled with it for quite some time.


I deeply love, greatly value, and appreciate beyond words, the Center for Spiritual Living Laurel and the community we have created and supported together through our sacred collaboration. 

The past six years have been filled to overflowing with marvelous accomplishments, mighty successes, and tremendous overcoming. 

My role as caregiver to Gary continues to expand in its demands and will continue to do so as time goes on. This impacts my role as Laurel's minister tremendously and I know it, see it, feel it. 


I am preparing for the journey ahead. 


Our community is a rare and beautiful one. We are a community of love, mutual respect, deep faith and "living" SOM principles. This is a truly miraculous accomplishment. To become the embodiment of principle in action, as individuals and as a community, well, that's something to be incredibly proud of for many reasons. Few centers accomplish this in reality. We truly do help make the world a better place for all. 

Reverend Lee Blaisdell

Join Us for Our Next Lunch Bunch

(Our lunch gatherings are for vaccinated individuals)

We usually meet on the 3rd Sunday of the Month at 1:30 pm.


Lunches are at the Olive Garden in Laurel

Laurel Lakes Centre

14650 Baltimore Ave, Laurel MD 20707

Please email any questions to:

Letty Griffin at or Rev. Lee at


Come for the Togetherness!
Stay for Smiles and Laughter!
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